“Social progress can be measured by the social position of the female sex” - Karl Marx
It was Thomas Carlyle(1795-1881) who said that world history is the sum total of the biographies of great men. Another thinker, Friedrich von Schiller (1759-1805), said that world history is the world’s court of judgment.

Notwithstanding the objection, not to be dismissed, that in 2021 it might be too soon to locate Nehru’s place in history, let us make an attempt. It is all the more necessary, and even urgent, as a cottage industry to debunk Nehru, is flourishing with the generous supp
M.K. Bhadrakumar
There has been a spate of reports in the American media that the US president-elect Joe Biden is assembling his cabinet of ministers. Most reports mention that Biden’s secretary of state will be Susan Rice, former US ambassador to the United Nations and National Security Advisor in the Barack Obama administration. Reportedly, Biden’s choice for US defence secretary is likely to be Michele Flournoy, who had previously served as a senior defence adviser in Bill Clinton and Barack Obama’s administr
The enigma of Asaduddin Owaisi on the rise in recent years has, after he won five seats in the Seemanchal area of Bihar, acquired a new salience.

Speculation now centres on how he might fare in West Bengal where the Muslim population is estimated to be 30 percent which is the backbone of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s support. Since the Muslim is presumed to be Owaisi’s hunting ground too, will the Muslim vote be confused?

If Amit Shah had not made it his life’s mission to ou
Zahid Hussain
THE planned futuristic Saudi city of Neom on the Red Sea coast was the venue of the G20 virtual summit last week, but something of greater importance happened there on Sunday night that may mark a tectonic shift in regional geopolitics. The reported covert meeting between the Israeli prime minister and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is seen as the most significant move yet towards the recognition of Israel by the kingdom.

While the Saudi foreign minister has denied tha


Our Constitution has taken up the charge of transforming a hierarchical society into a modern equalitarian democracy. In a Parliamentary democracy based on a written Constitution, it is the role of the Judiciary (predominantly the Supreme Court) to interpret it. The court itself has supposed the role of the guardian and interpreter of the Constitution of India. For the purpose of interpretation, the independence of the Judiciary from any external source, including the political executive needs t...

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Parthu Venkatesh P

Since 1951, Pakistan is the only country in South Asia after India to have diplomatic relations with People's Republic of China (PRC). The two states have time-tested relations and are known as the all-weather friends. China had provided tactical support to Pakistan during the 1965 war with India in which it was defeated. China had also helped Pakistan in the Wake of Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in. However, in February 2006, while addressing the Pakistan-China Business Forum, former President...

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Are America's International Commitments trustworthy?

Nayan Anand

Since the inception of his term as the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has been a favourite of the media. Be his kooky Tweets that take the internet by storm or his determined approach towards putting America first, Trump sure knows how to catch the eyeballs of both world leaders and the public alike. In the past few months, Trump went a step ahead to shake the world by his strong messages of 'America First' policy. In the same regard, the global power landscape saw ...


Right to Freedom of Choice, Right to Abortion: Ireland's new Abortion Referendum

Nayan Anand


The recent time can be attributed to both progress and protests alike. Caught up in the progressive third wave of feminism, there are women all over the world now coming out on the streets to fight and demand basic rights that have been denied to them. Be it the abrogation of the infamous Triple Talaq rule or the dynamic demand for changes in the abortion laws of Ireland, positive changes in the gender scenario are now foreseeable. Speaking about one such vic...