“Social progress can be measured by the social position of the female sex” - Karl Marx
Ajay Gudavarthy
Justice Gogoi Joining Rajya Sabha Points to a Constitutional Crisis   Ajay Gudavarthy     25 Mar 2020 Newsclick With Justice Ranjan Gogoi taking oath as amember of the Rajya Sabha and many commentators pointing to a pandemic of Constitutional crisis makes the stiff fight we are facing between Constitutional morality and an impending populist reality evident. These two frames are a distinct ways of organising political and institutional life in a modern democracy. While
 The coronavirus has been an unprecedented leveler in an unequal world, threatening to spread across the globe with equal virulence. This is a situation which should lead to warring and disputing nations to bury the hatchet at least temporarily to tackle an agent of global destruction. But that is not happening.

Conflicts are continuing with the same virulence as before. The situation created by the corona virus has itself becoming a theater of the Cold War. The old US vs China/Rus
Moin Qazi
The field of social entrepreneurship has attracted great global interest on account of its role in providing sustainable solutions to a diverse range of challenging environmental and social problems - health, poverty and climate change - with limited resources.

  Social entrepreneurs are drawn by a variety of social missions. They are passionate about tackling a problem, have an idea for a solution, and the determination to make that solution happen. This fertile field has given r
Politicking on Corona virus

As the Covid 19 virus spreads, health workers work over time, people panic, and nations lock down, many of our dear global leaders continue business as usual by indulging in cynical geopolitics in the name of the coronavirus.

US President Donald Trump in almost all his media briefings insists he is doing the best ever job by calling this 'the Chinese Virus'. Even the WHO has objected to this unsubstantiated and ethnic stigmatising, that is inten


Our Constitution has taken up the charge of transforming a hierarchical society into a modern equalitarian democracy. In a Parliamentary democracy based on a written Constitution, it is the role of the Judiciary (predominantly the Supreme Court) to interpret it. The court itself has supposed the role of the guardian and interpreter of the Constitution of India. For the purpose of interpretation, the independence of the Judiciary from any external source, including the political executive needs t...

Issue in foreign Policy


Parthu Venkatesh P

Since 1951, Pakistan is the only country in South Asia after India to have diplomatic relations with People's Republic of China (PRC). The two states have time-tested relations and are known as the all-weather friends. China had provided tactical support to Pakistan during the 1965 war with India in which it was defeated. China had also helped Pakistan in the Wake of Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in. However, in February 2006, while addressing the Pakistan-China Business Forum, former President...

Issue in foreign Policy

Are America's International Commitments trustworthy?

Nayan Anand

Since the inception of his term as the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has been a favourite of the media. Be his kooky Tweets that take the internet by storm or his determined approach towards putting America first, Trump sure knows how to catch the eyeballs of both world leaders and the public alike. In the past few months, Trump went a step ahead to shake the world by his strong messages of 'America First' policy. In the same regard, the global power landscape saw ...


Right to Freedom of Choice, Right to Abortion: Ireland's new Abortion Referendum

Nayan Anand


The recent time can be attributed to both progress and protests alike. Caught up in the progressive third wave of feminism, there are women all over the world now coming out on the streets to fight and demand basic rights that have been denied to them. Be it the abrogation of the infamous Triple Talaq rule or the dynamic demand for changes in the abortion laws of Ireland, positive changes in the gender scenario are now foreseeable. Speaking about one such vic...